We provide the audit, accounting, taxation and consulting services on the territory of Russian Federation. We invite you to cooperation, our professional experience will be useful to you.

Our service

Audit & other assurance services

The audit performed in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Law "On Auditing» № 307-FZ from 30.12.2008. This service includes carrying out the statutory audit in accordance with the requirements of Russian legislation or the initiative audit by request of a customer and other assurance services. (далее…)

Accounting & Bookkeeping

The accounting is the basis of business. The timeliness and correctness of management decisions depends on the completeness and quality of accounting data.

Sign a contract with us for accounting services
and get obvious advantages:

— We do not have to equip the workplace;

— We do not take sick leave;

— We make quality work and we are responsible

for it. VGD-DINACON, LLC constantly provides the accounting services since its founding. (далее…)

Tax & Consulting Services

Tax Advise & Supporting. Protection and representation of the interests of the Customer in the tax authorities. Preparation of objections on the act of field tax audit. Analysis of tax risks. Consultations on complex and controversial tax issues.

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